Make your marketing team superhuman with Adverai Meta.

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What is Adverai Meta?

Meta is an intelligent tool that answers the hardest questions with one place to measure, forecast, optimise, and automate marketing at scale.

Track all ads, campaigns,
and channels in one place.

Meta organises data from all of your marketing channels and allows you to track effect and spend of all campaigns and ads in real-time.

Ask Meta and get immediate
answers to the big questions.

Find evidence and patterns in your marketing data ecosystem. Ask 100s of questions and get instant answers explained in simple and insightful narratives.

Forecast, optimise, and
automate your marketing.

Meta is your personal data scientist, it gives you the evidence and tools to detect anomalies, optimize spend and model the outcome of what-if scenarios.

Ask Meta™ and get instant answers to the big questions

Meta is your intelligent question and answer system for all of your marketing channels and platforms.
With hundreds of questions to choose from, give your marketing team the tools to make better real-time marketing decisions.
Meta allows you to explore your marketing data in a simple and beautiful visual way, and find sides to the story that you never imagined.

Why Adverai Meta?

Adverai Meta is your intelligent marketing tool, it enables your team to track marketing effect and detect the essential patterns about ads, campaigns, markets, and brands.


Centralised Visibility and Control

Track all of your ad campaigns in one place and on one central timeline.
Track your real-time campaign spend for internal, agency, and media buy.
Measure the effect of campaigns and track reach, engagement, loyalty, and conversion.
Measure campaign and ad success.
Rank and compare media activities across all campaigns and discover what is performing and not performing in real-time.



Reveal Underlying Patterns

Understand what drives reach, engagement, conversion, and loyalty.
Understand which media mix works for your campaigns in real-time.
Explore 100s of correlations about your ads and campaigns.



Understand Emotional Responses

Track the distribution of comments, likes, and reactions for each channel
Track the emotional engagement surrounding your posts
Compare the volume of emotional reactions to your campaign effects
Understand the connection between creativity and emotional engagement



Measure the Effect of Creativity

Automatically measure creative to understand the attributes of ads that drive success.
Predict demographics and the appearance of concepts, clothing, and other creative attributes.
Discover the relationships between attributes of creative and their emotional responses and ad engagement.


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