Get the panoramic view of marketing.

Meet Adverai, the human-centred AI that gives you one tool to get the integrated ecosystem-wide perspective of your entire marketing landscape and its impact on sales.

Automate and augment your capabilities

Increase marketing effectiveness

Improve decision making

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Causal Discovery

Understand cause and effect.

Apply causal inference to your marketing datasets to answer the question of "why" something happens.

Adverai's Causal Discovery AI autonomously discovers to what extent your ads, campaigns, and market interventions have contributed to an incremental lift in traffic, effect, conversions, or sales.

Causality Discovery at Scale.

Adverai scales to 100s of millions of time series out-of-the-box, allowing you to seamlessly run causal discovery across all of your markets, brands, and product variants.

Fully Autonomous.

Time series analytics and causal inference is hard. Let our fully autonomous causal discovery engine do the hard work for you.

The causal impact of ad or campaign spend on e-commerce revenue

The causal impact of ad or campaign spend on retail revenue

The causal impact of ad or campaign spend on total revenue

The causal impact of ad or campaign spend on web new users

The causal impact of ad or campaign spend on returning users

Event Intelligence

Continuously monitor change.

Detect high-impact events faster than humanly possible and get notified in real-time about change and outcomes.

Adverai watches every sales and marketing dataset and metric with realtime and fully autonomous event intelligence.

Ads and posts

Channels and campaigns

Creative and consumer response


E-commerce and retail sales

Spike or

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When a campaign, activity, or channel approaches, reaches, or crosses a milestone

When a campaign or ad performance is poor and requires immediate attention

When a campaign, ad, or channel drops or spikes significantly over time

When behaviour is unusual for campaigns, ads, brands, or channels

Review of the most important marketing and sales events

Question Answering

Get immediate answers.

Explore your data in a simple and beautiful visual way and find sides to the story that you never imagined.

We’ve already built the models and written the queries for the most useful answers to your sales and marketing questions: from computing growth in effect to seasonal trends about product sales or analysing the change in advert features your customers prefer.

Personal Data Scientist

No data science skills are needed to drive our tools. Adverai is always available to answer your sales and marketing questions on-demand.

100's of pre-defined queries.

100's of questions about ads, channels, campaigns, creative, consumer response, spend, and much more.

Visual Answers

Adverai uses data visualisation, narrative generation, and storytelling to transform massive amounts of data into digestible insights using visual question and answer sets, events, and guided recommendations.


In an AI-driven system, the right level of explanation is key. We describe predictions and forecasts with confidence levels and clear explanations that help you understand how the system works.


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Event Prediction

Predict future outcomes.

Adverai's prediction AI autonomously learns and predicts the future values for ads, campaigns, traffic, and sales.

Automated Learning and Inference.

Adverai covers the complete pipeline from the raw sales and marketing dataset ingestion and replication to the deployable and verified machine learning model that drives predictions.

Embedded Predictions.

Predictions are made available continuously in events, questions and answer sets, and recommendation advice.

Predict ad or campaign spend by objectives and goals

Predict ad or campaign effect from spend or placement

Predict e-commerce revenue for the next day, 7 days, and 30 days

Predict e-commerce revenue by product category or variant

Predict retail revenue for the next day, 7 days, and 30 days

Predict retail revenue by product category or variant

Predict web traffic for the next day, 7 days, and 30 days

Learn more about Prediction

Prescriptive Modelling

Evaluate future scenarios.

Prescriptive models and analytics anticipate what will happen and when it will happen, and also why it will happen. Adverai suggests decision options on how to take advantage of a future opportunity or mitigate a future risk and shows the implication of each decision option.

Optimise an ad or set of ads

Optimise a campaign

Optimise the overall marketing plan

Decision automation

Simplify complex decisions.

Improve decision making by bringing together and reconciling multiple points of view in one tool.

Advocate and explain decision paths to key stakeholders

Make marketing interventions and record and investigate their outcomes

Use clear and concise decision dialogues to help your teams

Frequently Asked Questions.

How is Adverai different to standard approaches?

Today's marketing is capturing and analysing more substantial and complex amounts of data in faster ways than before, from collecting data about ads, or a sales system collecting data about product sales and their variants. Adverai's unique approach uses massive time series analysis and makes time the primary axis for analytics. We focus on how things change over time, allowing us to build better models for understanding the effect of advertising.

Is Adverai SaaS or on-premise?

Adverai is a Software-as-a-Service product offering fully-managed end-to-end marketing intelligence hosted on secure cloud infrastructure.

Do you use personal data about individuals?

No, we use aggregation and redaction techniques when analysing data. We combine data from many different sources or times and remove the possibility of a single individual being identified. We redact certain features of data if individuals are within a source dataset, and our platform is fully GDPR compliant.

Do you support multiple geographies or brands?

Yes, Adverai can operate at single geography or single brand to multiple geographies and multiple brands out of the box. We fully support the multi-tenant model for organisations with many brands.

Do our teams need training?

Our human-centred AI products are driven by zero-friction design, with a focus on superior experience, ease of use, and clear explainability.

Do we need technical or data science skills to drive the tool?

No technical or data skills are needed; Adverai is your personal and fully automated data scientist.

Is my data safe?

We take the security of your data seriously. Adverai is managed in a fully-secure environment with strong authentication, ring-fenced data, and penetration tested infrastructure.