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Drive faster evidence-based decision making and real-time optimisation.
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Adverai applies machine learning and neural networks to make sense of all marketing tools, platforms, and datasets.

 We spot patterns in billions of data points to help brands deliver better marketing - at scale.


A massive-scale data and machine learning platform for marketing and advertising.

Adverai MetaOS is the data platform that underpins all of your intelligence for marketing to give you complete coverage of your internal and external data sources.

It aggregates and replicates data from all marketing channels, market condition data including weather and currency data and has 100s of connectors to different data services.
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The intelligent app to measure, optimise, and automate marketing.

Adverai Meta brings together your marketing data into a single intelligent tool, taking your marketing team to the next level with real-time tracking, measurement and automation.

Understand marketing effect and detect the essential patterns about ads, campaigns, markets, and brands. Use our collaborative features to bring together marketing teams, creatives, and media agencies.
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